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Serving Maryland, Virginia and The District of Columbia since 1981
Core Drilling
Wall and Flat Sawing
Wire Sawing
In-House Tool Repair
Marble and Granite Cutting and Polishing Systems
Ground-Penetrating Radar Analysis
Fasteners, Anchors and Industrial Supplies
Diamond Blades and Core Drill Bits
Core Drilling
Wall Sawing
 1/8” to 34” Diameters
 Virtually Unlimited Depth
 Hourly and Contract Pricing
 Electric-, Hydraulic- and Air-Powered Equipment
 Clean Room-Experienced
Up to 28” Depth from One Face
 Square-Cut Corners (No Overcutting)
 Contract and Hourly Pricing
 Safe Remote-Controlled Unit
 Electric- and Diesel-Powered Saws
 Floor and Slab Cuts
A guide track is mounted to the surface to be cut to ensure a precision cut. A saw with a diamond-tipped blade is attached to the track. The saw is guided along the track for a straight cut up to 28” deep.
Precision Core Drilling at any angle, even upside down!
Wire Sawing
Specialty Sawing
 Diamond Chain Saws – Square-Cut Corners
15” and 20” Bars
 Ring Saw – Up to 10” Cutting Depth
 Gas-, Electric- and Diesel-Powered Units
 Hourly and Contract Pricing
 Unlimited Sawing Depth
 Electric- and Diesel-Powered Units
 Large Circular Openings
 Hourly and Contract Pricing
If we can wrap a wire around it, we can cut it!
Flat Sawing
 Up to 18” Sawing Depth
 Contract and Hourly Pricing
 Turnkey Elevated Floor Slab Opening Projects
 Gas-, Electric-, Diesel-, Air- and Hydraulic-Powered Saws
Ground Penetrating Radar
Locate rebar, post-tension cables,
conduit and 50/60HZ power cables
Our technicians use the first system to combine Electro-Magnetic (EM) and Radar Technology to locate and identify energized power cables and other concealed objects in concrete walls or slabs without causing any damage to the area being scanned.
Detect metal and non-metallic objects
Locate and identify 50/60Hz power cables
 Detect voids
Your Source for Replacement
Abrasive Discs, Diamond Blades and Bits
Tool Repairs – All Major Brands